Money saving laundry tips

When it comes to saving money– every little bit helps, and better laundry habits can be money savers. It’s easy enough to throw your clothing in the wash and just forget about it, but the Department of Energy says– a little planning up front could save energy and money.

These are some top tips from the Department of Energy when it comes to getting the most out of your appliances:

Washer savings:

Wash with cold water

This will be the most energy efficient. If you need a hot water wash, see if a warm wash cycle will work.

Buy the right detergent

Buying the right detergent can help ensure your clothes are clean while you save money. Opt for cold water or high efficiency detergents.

Wash full loads

What your washer’s capacity? Opt for washing full loads, because the washer will use the same amount of energy getting your clothes clean.

Dryer savings

Dry proper loads

Figure out what your dryers load capacity is. Throwing in way too many clothes in means it will take much longer to get everything dry.

Air dry

Consider air drying some of your clothes on a dryer rack. A lot of gym clothing dries very quickly, and might get over dried in your dryer. That’s an energy waster and causes more wear and tear to your clothes.

Switch loads while dryer is warm

Have more than one load? Make the switch quickly. Switching loads while the dryer is warm, means it will take less energy to get it warm enough for your next load.

Clean lint trap

Don’t forget to clean the lint trap. This will ensure your dryer is working at peak efficiency.

If you are in the market for a new appliance, Energy Star certified appliances use less energy to get the job done. The Department of Energy actually has 16 tips for saving money in your laundry room. To see the full list click here.

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